Sønderskov Museum

Situated at Sønderskov Manor, the exhibitions of Sønderskov Museum are found in a unique setting. The gardens surrounding the manor completes the experience. 

Admission: 30 DKK for adults (18+), children free.

Other prices may apply at special events.


Open Tuesday-Sunday, 11-16, Mondays closed. Closed in january.

The manor

Sønderskov Manor was first mentioned in 1448 and the present manor house is a Renaissance building built by the nobleman Thomas Juel in 1614-1620. It was adapted to baroque architectural tastes during the 17th century. The manor underwent a major restoration between 1986 and 1991 saving the building from ruin. Today the manor houses a regional historical museum.

Sønderskov's baroque gardens have been restored, and is used as a kitchen and herb garden tended by local volunteers.

Among the flowers, trees and vegetables we keep a school for bee keeping, and you can buy the produce in the museum's shop.

The exhibitions

With the gentle but thorough restoration, the manor house itself has become an exhibition, with well preserved wall paintings from the early to mid 18th century. We also cover aspects of the regional history in our exhibitions. We do not have permanent exhibitions, but change parts of them every few months. 

One item which we do not shift too much is the runestone from Malt. It was found in 1987 at the banks over Kongeå River, and is therefore one of the latest found. It is probably also one of the most puzzling of these stones. It has a very long and somewhat mysterious text, in fact difficult to interpret even for experts. This stone is dated to the 9th century, making it rather early. You find it just inside the original entrance door.

The restaurant

In the manor's atmospheric historical cellar, chef Preben Madsen runs an ambitious restaurant which will please even the gastronomically experienced. It ranks among the best in the region.


Museet på Sønderskov, Sønderskovgårdvej 2, 6650, Brørup    |    Tlf: 75 38 38 66    |   Fax 75 38 38 65   |   e-mail: post@sonderskov.dk


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